I help companies boost their results with Digital Analytics & Data Science.

- Data Scientist at LIN3S -

Ander Fernández Jauregui,

Data Scientist.

I consider the data as small pieces of a large puzzle. There are many, they are very different and you have to find a meaning for everything to fit together.

Therefore, I put all my effort and motivation to improve and learn every day to continue helping the clients I work with to go further thanks to the data


As a Data Scientist I try to follow CRISP-DM methodology and usually work with R or Python depending on the task to do.


Programming Languages.

Knowing more languages provides me of more tools to face problems and challenges.





Data Analytics.

To extract data from different data sources, to clean it and enriching it to improve the performance of Machine Learning models.

Web Scrapping.




Machine Learning.

Train supervised models and undertake unsupervides models to add value and fulfill business objectives.

Random Forest.

Neural Networks.

Time Series.


Data Visualization.

To communicate the insights obtained with CRISP-DM methodology to make results understandable and actionable to anyone needing them.

Shiny Apps.

gglplot2/plotly libraries.


Latest Posts.

dplyr tutorial

dplyr tutorial

Dplyr tutorial in which you will find explained and with examples the main functions of the package so that you can manipulate data with R.

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